CBSE Affiliation

CBSE Norms of Affiliation


CBSE Affiliations No. : - 2100014  





1. Yes. Obtained

2. Yes. The KVS is an autonomous body registered under Societies registration act.

3. Yes. The condition has been complied

4. Yes. The teachers are recruited by the KVS as per the norms

5. Yes . Salary and allowances paid as per Govt of India norms


1.    Yes available

2.    Yes all conditions complied

3.    The student strength is kept as per norms

4.    Library is very well equipped

5.    Good quality newspapers, magazines and journals are subscribed

6.    The class room size is as per prescribed norms

7.    Labs are of adequate size as per norms

8.    Library is is equipped with reading room facility

9.    Computer and Maths Labs are fully functional

10.   Activity rooms and resource rooms are unavailable

     11.           Adequate facilities are available for Basket ball, skating, volley ball, kho-kho etc and for other recreational activities like gym etc.


Admission & Fees

 1.    The admissions are done strictly as per the KVS guidelines following all mandatory requirements of the CBSE.

2.    The fee charged is as per the norms of the KVS and it is spent on development of teaching learning infrastructure

3.    N/A

Staff & Service Conditions

1.The staff possesses the required qualification and teacher taught ratio is maintained as per the prescribed norms

2. The salary is paid to the staff through their bank accounts only.

3. The service conditions of the teachers are very well defined in the Education Code of the KVS

And these are clearly stipulated in the appointment letters. The staff is initially appointed on probation for a period of two years .

4.The KVS has GPF/CPF contribution for its staff recruited on or before 31st March 2004. The employees recruited after that are also made member of the contributory scheme

5.    The work load of teachers is kept reasonable not exceeding 34 periods per week

6.    The number in a class is kept to a moderate level as per the KVS guidelines.


7.    All teachers are oriented through the In-service training on regular basis.

8.    The original degrees of the teachers are not retained by the Management

9.    The norms are strictly followed








 Financial Resources

 1.    The school has sufficient financial resources and receives grant from the Govt. of India for payment of salary to its employees.

2.    The income is not diverted to any individual

3.    the condition is strictly followed